We offer a 1 hour guided tour along the waterway with incredible views of nature, marinas and million dollar homes. Our boats are easy to operate (no experience needed) and may reach speeds of up to 30 mph. 

One person drives a (two person) boat. We will travel around 8-10 miles down the waterway while enjoying some fun time playing with the power and maneuverability of this exciting boat. We offer several tours a day, and each tour accomodates up to 8 people. This is a great family activity, so check out the available dates and times, and reserve the tour that is best for you.




To guarantee your reservations, please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your tour time for a review of instructions and safety procedures. Visit our policies page for specifics on safety, requirements and policies. Gratuities for the tour guides are not required, but are appreciated. 

We are located at Barefoot Landing - around the corner from Lulu's and Taco Mundo      on the waterfront.


Expert Testimonials on Craigcat boats. (We call them Salt Shakers)

Multi Hulls International Magazine

"They are in their own right Multi Hulls with a purpose. These boats are for fun: they are economical, lightweight, portable, safe, and unsinkable."

Trailer Boats National Magazine

"CraigCat™ aquatic armchair … The CraigCat® goes well beyond its design parameters … The Cat is at home on just about any water. Two impact-resistant pontoons provide a stable and virtually unsinkable platform. We discovered this fact first hand when a large powerboat ran circles around the catamaran, attempting to capsize it. No problem, boat wakes and fairly choppy conditions were handled with equal aplomb."

Makes and Models Magazine

"The unique side-by-side seating configuration provides a spectacular one of a kind experience that cannot be duplicated by any other watercraft. Since 1990, CraigCat®’s motto has been, ‘we put the fun back in boating’ and Makes and Models Magazine would like to congratulate and thank CraigCat® on meeting and surpassing the expectations in the boating world yet another year."

Advanced Marine Vehicles

The international newsletter on advanced undersea & surface craft From the publishers of Ocean News & Technology Magazine

"Out of the dozens of personal watercraft coming on the market today, AMV believes the CraigCat® to be one of the most exciting."